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Our Mission is...
To be a leading provider of the products and services we offer.
To provide these services within a timely and professional manner.
To strive to exceed our clients expectations at
all times.
To always maintain an attitude of support & understanding.
To provide superior products & services at
a competitive rate to
our clients.


Website Marketing Strategies  

Website Sales are Directly Proportional to the Traffic on Your Site!


1. Get listed with the major search engines. Don't fall into the traps that unscrupulous marketers set for you. If they offer to submit you to 200 search engines for a any fee, large or small, it may hurt you more than it helps. Many times the methods they employ run the risk of actually getting you banned from a given search engine rather than helping you. Besides the top 5 search engines account for more than 90% of all search traffic.


2. Utilize traditional and internet-based news releases. Weblogs, better known as BLOGS are quickly becoming one of the best ways to increase targeted traffic to your site.


3. Engage in strategic mutual link development. This is quite important - This takes time but is worth the effort. You must ensure your incoming links are from sites that are "on topic" with your site. A bunch of links from sites with no thing in common to your will not help so stay away from generic link farms.


4. Participate in online conversations. Don't advertise - provide useful information and others will want to come and check your site out. Let your "signature" do the advertising. Don't become a pest.


5. Include your URL on EVERYTHING: telephone answering machine, literature, business cards and stationary, traditional advertisements, etc. Have some T-shirts printed with your homepage on the front and URL on the back - they are great conversation starters.


6. Develop a newsletter. (Preferably e-mail based) This brings traffic ... and sales. Got a new product? Let your list know about it - at little or no cost.


7. Write articles for journals and periodicals that relate to what you do. Include a byline with your URL, of course.


8. Make sure you are using a "signature" with your e-mail and include your website URL.

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